Through the years, the Irvine Classical Players and its directors have inspired many children and worked closely to nuture their understanding and performance of their classical instrument. We are delighted to share just a few of the many testimonials from proud parents.

Parent Testimonial
Alisa Khodos

Alisa Khodos Irvine Classical Players

We are very happy with this interesting and challenging musical program, which director of the orchestra professor Georgette Popa develops each year. I am very grateful for all her time, patience, encouragement, musical teaching, and enormous love for kids.

First time we heard a concert of Irvine Classical Players / Seraphim Symphony in 2011. We were amazed how professionally these young musicians sounded. My daughter played violin for a couple of years and she did well with her private teacher. Her school orchestra did not match her level, and she only dreamed about a place where students would all love music and could play in tune beautiful musical pieces. 
ICPO/Seraphim Symphony was exactly what my daughter needed. It offered her musical challenge, gave the opportunity to perform solos and travel abroad playing music in old cathedrals, exploring sites, food and traditions of other countries. Alisa was 12 years old when she played her first Vivaldi solo with the orchestra; she had an unforgettable experience playing solo in France, in Chambered Chateau.
This summer the orchestra is going to Germany and Austria, where my daughter will play Mendelson Concerto. We are truly blessed to have discovered the best orchestra in Orange County. We hope more parents and children will discver how talented kids can come to learn music, perform, and have fun together!
Svetlana Drobyshevskaya, the mom of Alisa Khodos 

Parent Testimonial
Brandon and Lauren Pae

Brandon Pae cellist at Irvine Classical Players

Brandon and Lauren have blossomed into beautiful children worthy of respect through their achievements under the guidance of their mentors.  They’ve acquired self-discipline, teamwork and competitive spirit since joining ICPO-Seraphim Symphony.  We encourage and invite everyone to dream big.

We have a thirteen year old son Brandon Pae, and an eleven year old daughter Lauren Christmas Pae.  Our son was the valedictorian of Stonegate Elementary School in Irvine. In 2016-2017 he will serve as the school and debate president at Jeffrey Trail Middle School.  Brandon has been a proud member of the Irvine Classical Players Orchestra for two years, and Lauren one year.
Like all parents, we have great hopes and dreams for our children.  Therefore, when we were looking for an orchestra, we only wanted the best.  After a long search, fate brought us to the door steps of ICPO -Seraphim Symphony.
We were astounded by their reputation as following:
2004 France Concert Tour
2006 Italy Concert Tour
2008 France Concert Tour
2010 Spain-Portugal Concert Tour
2012 London Olympic Games
2013 The Kennedy Center, Washington DC
2014 France International Concert Tour,Chambord Castle and La Madeleine Church in Paris
2016 Germany-Austria Concert Tour
Under the excellent leadership of its Founder Dr Georgette Popa, tutelage of Seraphim Symphony Conductor Maestro Jorge Uzcategui, and ICPO Conductor Maestro Yorgos Kouritas, our children will have an opportunity to shine brightly on an international stage in Germany and Austria this summer.  Brandon will deliver his debut performance as a soloist with his cello.
With respect, love and thanks,
June 4, 2016
James and Joyce Pae